At GlobeDomain, we feel everyone should be able to afford a website. That's why we offer plans starting at $4.50/year - just a little over 1¢ a day.

We're also rated A+ by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

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What else do we offer?

  • 24x7 support at your fingertips
  • 100% Server Availability
  • Over 50 one-click install scripts
  • Feature-packed control panel
  • Unlimited Emails / DBs / FTP
  • Ultra-fast servers
  • Premium gigabit network providers

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Hosting Plan Features

Name Disk space (MB) Data transfer per month (MB) Price
G-100 100 1000 $4.50/yr
G-250 250 2500 $10.75/yr
G-300 300 3000 $13.00/yr
G-400 400 4000 $15.00/yr
G-500 500 5000 $18.75/yr
G-600 600 6000 $22.00/yr
G-750 750 7500 $27.25/yr
G-1000 1000 10000 $32.00/yr
G-1500 1500 15000 $48.00/yr
G-2000 2000 20000 $62.00/yr
G-3000 3000 30000 $90.00/yr
G-5000 5000 50000 $150.00/yr




Domain name registration: $15/yr

Private Registration:
$5/yr additional

5 Parked Domains: $10/yr

5 Addon Domains: $10/yr

Unique IP address: $24/yr

RapidSSL Certificates: $49/yr

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