At GlobeDomain, we feel everyone should be able to afford a website. That's why we offer plans starting at $4.50/year - just a little over 1¢ a day.

We're also a BBB Accredited company with an A rating.

Member of the Better Business Bureau

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What else do we offer?

  • 24x7 support at your fingertips
  • 100% Server Availability
  • Over 50 one-click install scripts
  • Feature-packed control panel
  • Unlimited Emails / DBs / FTP
  • Ultra-fast servers
  • Premium gigabit network providers


About GlobeDomain

GlobeDomain was started in 2004 by two young entrepreneurs from India with one idea in mind - to bring websites to the international community. Where does it start? Affordability.

GlobeDomain was acquired in 2004 by AcuNett, a U.S. Limited Liability Company in order to spread this idea across the globe.

While most websites boast large amounts of space and bandwidth while charging a healthy buck, we at GlobeDomain know better.

We know that the majority of websites use less than 100MB of space - well within the confines of our cheapest plan.

How do we maintain this low cost? Simple. Automation and Volume. With the exception of 24x7 Technical Support, almost all parts of our system is automated. From ordering, to upgrades, to cancelations. And while our margin's aren't big, the amount of signups we receive (thanks to loyal clients such as yourself) makes up for it.

This is how we operate, and we've come a long way since 2004. Come visit us at FaceBook!

Best Wishes,

The GlobeDomain & AcuNett Team


Our Future

What are plans for the future? To keep on doing what we're doing that's for sure - making web sites possible to every person on the Globe.

We also have more plans than just that of course.

These include:

Bringing affordable Virtual Dedicated Servers & Dedicated Servers to our larger clientele.

Phone Support is in the works, but may require additional charges due to the immense support overhead.

Live Chat will be made available soon.

What do our clients say?